Sunrise All Day Tincture


Start everyday feeling your best with Soji Sunrise All Day Hemp CBD.

Our sublingual sprays are manufactured with a unique nano-liposomal delivery system providing up to 6x higher bioavailability than other brands.

Our formulas are non-psychoactive and come with a convenient pump for accurate dosing. No more mess with glass droppers!

Two convenient sizes to choose from – 15ml | 30ml

• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO
• Soy Free
• No THC

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Sunrise Formula is great ALL DAY long!

Our nano-emulsified Hemp CBD brings you a broad spectrum of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, offering a wide array of support for normal function and physiology.

The nano-emulsified format improves bioavailability with higher and faster absorption rates than other hemp supplements.

Liposomes are made of phospholipids which encapsulate the phytocannabinoid compounds for maximum intracellular delivery.


15ml, 30ml

33 reviews for Sunrise All Day Tincture

  1. Michelle Clemens

    Dani S.

    It’s amazing, I feel like my body caught up sleeping it hadn’t gotten in weeks.

  2. Michelle Clemens

    Sunny L.

    Received package thank you so much, love it and feeling it so far.

  3. Michelle Clemens

    Christine N.

    Hello, I have been enjoying the products! Thanks!

  4. Michelle Clemens

    Kim W.

    Good news! The experiment was a success, no cramps this cycle! Definitely gonna keep using this cbd oil regularly

  5. Michelle Clemens

    Dean M.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for that oil!

  6. Michelle Clemens


    I live in Hawaii so naturally, there was a great deal of hemp oil on the market, plus I bought from different manufacturers online trying to find the best one. I thought I had. Not. A year later I discovered Soji Health’s “Nano-Technology” where the pitch was that because the molecules were so small, it was much better w absorption etc. Made sense to me but of course, it came from the net and I’m thinking “fake news” right? Right. But being a big tuna myself, I had to try it.OMG is all I can say. WAY more potent than all the others put together, nearly immediate reaction, and helped me with one major thing none of the others could: Anxiety. In my perfect world, I would be on benzos every minute of every day. I’m always looking to chill because my nerves are completely shot. I’ll have a huge migraine, running around acting like a chicken w no head, and reaching for drugs or alcohol (which I just don’t do anymore). I dose 10 drops of the big Soji Health’s Hemp Oil bottle, lie down, and in 10 minutes my headache is gone, my anxiety level is 50% better, and I can actually go to sleep if I want. I’ve read all kinds of things hemp oil does for people, and I’m not sure they know how it works yet BUT I will tell you this, for an old hippie wannabe, it’s really nice to “feel better” without getting high from prescription meds. Try this stuff. It works, its “clean” (very) and you can forget about all the competition. Been there done that. Aloha from The Islands of Chill.

  7. Michelle Clemens

    Ian L.

    Just got the best night of sleep in God knows how long!

  8. Michelle Clemens

    Leah C.

    Sunrise has helped me in my day to day life in multiple ways. Physically it helps reduce my inflammation before, during and even after my workouts. In addition, it has helped me with my migraines to lessen the overall pain. It has calming and energizing qualities making it a wonderful product for daily usage, with no side effects. Thank you!

  9. Michelle Clemens

    Mauricio H.

    Within 3 to 4 weeks my face almost completely cleared up. I was having a problem with acne on my face and was told that Sunrise Hemp Oil was good for my skin. I started using it daily and within about 3 to 4 weeks my face almost completely cleared up. I was thoroughly impressed!

  10. Michelle Clemens

    Frankie S.

    I was on Ambien for 20 years and then my doctor stopped prescribing it to me. Hadn’t slept well for about a year until I found this Sunset sleep. My husband loves the Sunrise for his back pain. I will leave this review there too. Thank you.

  11. Michelle Clemens

    A. P.

    I have arthritis in both my hands and herniated discs neck pain. My stomach can’t tolerate ibuprofen and nothing seemed to be helping with pain. I started using Soji Health’s hemp oil extract sublingual and vape pen, it instantly helps with all my pain! I am very happy with the products.

  12. Michelle Clemens

    Tee B.

    I’m a caretaker for someone with Alz and this oil really helps. Thanks so much

  13. Michelle Clemens

    Brandon E.

    I buy 4 bottles of this at a time. I love it for myself and my Dad.

  14. Michelle Clemens

    Lisa P.

    This helps me wth my pain from RA. Thank you.

  15. Michelle Clemens

    Suzanne M.

    I have lived with the pain from Restless Leg Syndrome more than half of my life. Even with prescribed medication, I would find myself pacing at night, trying to walk away the pain. My daughter recommended I try a hemp oi extract treatment. I have been using the Soji Health’s 100% hemp oral drops for two months now and I am pain free and do not take prescribed medication for my RLS any longer.

  16. Michelle Clemens

    Chris M.

    This might sound cheesy, but this oil has given me my life back. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until I started feeling normal again lol.

  17. Michelle Clemens

    Tanya G.

    Every time my back hurts I take 6 pumps and I’m just good the whole day without noticing. Then when I get home I realize I didn’t feel my back at all today. Love this stuff!

  18. Michelle Clemens

    Crystal S.

    After an injury to my neck I was suffering from severe tension headaches, neck and back pain on a daily basis. I missed several days of work. I was taking up to 20 prescription pills a day for the pain and headaches. After 6 weeks of pain and 4 emergency room visits, my neurologist started a new drug and told me that I needed to stop taking the strong pain medications on a daily basis. Sunrise Hemp Oil has been the one thing that allowed me to taper off the prescription medications and eventually off of all of my medications except for the one my neurologist recommended. Sunrise Hemp Oil allowed me to get back to work faster and more comfortably, while sparing my liver and kidneys from the potential side effects of the prescription drugs. I would highly recommend Sunrise Hemp Oil for anyone that suffers from chronic pain.

  19. Michelle Clemens

    Susie K.

    Helps a lot with my social anxiety, thank you!

  20. Michelle Clemens

    Annia L.

    Made my body feel very relaxed. Helped me when at work because it’s very active.

  21. Michelle Clemens

    Courtney G.

    I’m feeling a lot better now with the oil, my arm pain has decreased a lot, also the foot and back pain I’d been getting a lot of lately, has also decreased substantially too. Thank you so much Soji, I really appreciate this so very much! 🙂

  22. Michelle Clemens

    Jennifer B.

    I started taking this oil for general reasons and then it helped with my sinus issues. Who would’ve thought?

  23. Michelle Clemens

    Melissa P.

    This is helping me get rock solid sleep! As a person who travels between time zones a lot this is super important!

  24. Michelle Clemens

    Katie H.

    Thank you for this product! I literally buy it for my whole family back home and my downstairs neighbor who suffers from knee and shoulder pain and cancer.

  25. Michelle Clemens

    Michael F.

    I really liked the products! I am a chef and I am using the CBD oil tomorrow in a salad dressing. Looking forward to the creation!

  26. Michelle Clemens

    Val B.

    I have major anxiety and this took it away in an instant, like woah!

  27. Michelle Clemens

    Richard N.

    I suffer from traumatic experiences and stress due to my job and I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve tried sleep aids but only when I tried Sunrise Hemp Oil was I finally able to get true rest and that is a true gift in itself.

  28. Michelle Clemens

    Kelly D.

    My son is autistic and this has really helped him be more calm. I have let my mom, aunt, and a few close friends try this oil from our bottle and it has really helped in various ailments. I’m buying for the whole neighborhood now!

  29. Michelle Clemens

    Sydney W.

    Thank you so much for this oil, it is magic. I feel amazing!

  30. Michelle Clemens

    Joey M.

    I bought this for my mom and seeing the look on my moms face when she didn’t feel her back pain was so rewarding!

  31. Michelle Clemens

    Brandi R.

    Just tried this 5 minutes ago and woah! I cannot wait to to try the Sleep version.

  32. Michelle Clemens

    Paloma R.

    Helps calm my nerves and I drink less alcohol when I take the CBD oil. Win-win!

  33. Michelle Clemens

    James A.

    My name is James and my mom has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer lung cancer. Ever since she started chemotherapy I’ve been treating her through the Cancer Society with hemp oil. The first oil I used was a darker concentrate and it was working but didn’t give me the results that Sunrise product did. I have seen tremendous results with my mom’s appetite and her anxiety levels. This is the highest quality product that I have found and I have also shared this with Cancer Society doctors that have given my mom a referral for cannabis products and have also witnessed her health getting better. Thank you Soji Health. Looking forward to seeing what other products you have to help patients with other problems. Looking forward to sharing your product with many other people that could use this type of therapy.

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