Hemp Gummies Strawberry 150mg


Not all Hemp Gummies are created equal!

Soji Health Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Gummies are an effective and delicious way to quickly nourish and replenish tired cells while restoring balance to your endocannabinoid system.

Our incredibly delicious gummies are manufactured using a unique infusion process to ensure a consistent 10mg dose in every serving. Unlike our competitors, Soji Health CBD gummies are made with Agar, which is derived from red seaweed and is also an all-natural source of calcium, iron and fiber.

Soji Hemp CBD Gummies are a flavorful and fun way to help bring you back to physical and mental equilibrium!

• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO
• Soy Free
• No THC
• No Artificial Colors

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• INFUSED, not sprayed for an accurate dose of10mg per piece

• Delicious taste & excellent texture

• All natural coloring

• Puck shaped candy as to not appeal to children

• Full Spectrum, Non-GMO Hemp

• Sourced from the Netherlands

• Tested Pesticide Free

• Manufactured by Soji Health